Projects & Services

Projects and Services to defend the right of people with mental illness and supporting the applications of ethical principles in psychiatric services.
Manthan: For managing problems of under13 between presents and children
Established in 2001 has been attended by 3500 students
Disha: Guiding children to acquire higher quality of  life under academic stress, career,
and challenges of life. School Mental Health Program for uplifting the Mental Health of Teachers, Presents and Students.
  • Established in 2003, till date attended by more than 4500 adolescents.
  • O’Connors impact factor of services (Disha & Manthan):
  • Prevented definite 52 suicides and 206 probable suicides of adolescents
Soham: A comprehensive program for clinicians, teachers, parents and children
needing inputs and training on learning disability.
  • 38 students have been given guidance, remediation and advisory 10th and 12th board exam and certified for Learning Disability
Manolaksha: For sport person regarding mental fitness for higher performance
Transformed 3 local sportsmen into National Champions. Counseled Indian Cricket Team 2003.
Manojyoti: Bereavement and grief management for care-taker and patients with end stage Kindly diseases and cancer
Part of First Renal Transplant of Central India.
Manodhara: A comprehensive program for Quality of life in patients with heart diseases, diabetes, and other psycho-somatic illnesses.
Manodaya: For sex education, couple therapy, pregnancy education, one year infant care. In collaboration with the Family court under Ministry of Law.
  • Reached 312 couples and prevented 122 divorces
Gurutva: For Teachers to develop special skills of handling class room problems.
  • 460 Teachers have been trained for self-management in School Mental Health Program.
School Mental Health Program : This program has been administered in 9 School in
Dr. Shailesh V Pangaonkar Director of Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences is uplifting quality of life of people of Nagpur, Vidarbha and UAE (Sharjah and Dubai).
4500 students give WHO Life Skill Education Program and 300 teachers sensitized about Student’s disabilities and psychiatric illnesses.
Manosmruti: Neurocognitive laboratory dedicated to the multidisciplinary study and
remediation / rehabilitation of cognitive deficits in adult and children
60 Dementia cases undergo regular cognitive remediation. Developed a simple tool for evaluation and therapy in cognitive disorder which was used for clinical trials in India
Developed independent societies of care givers.
  • Astitva – Schizophrenia
  • Vishwas – Autism
  • Soahm – Learning Disability
  • ABCD – Cognition
Has fought with Accountant for the right to support life with the pension benefit.
Successfully transferred benefit of person to 33 Schizophrenic patient.
Persuaded insurance companies for 10 years and finally succeeded in providing Insurance cover for persons with mental illness and disability.
Developmental Assessment of orphan kids in Nagpur
Free services have been provided to 42 children for adoption