Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

“And you shall see by your own eyes that the water makesth your path” when Aristotle said to his disciple, neither of them were warriors or travelers. They were discussing medicinal use for some disease in a patient who was bloated. A venom kills venom and iron cuts iron. These are legendary words to provide solutions on many occasions.
But what it has in it is the ability to provide relief. Now how can the cause of problem and its treatment be from the same agent. It is true if we think on gross matter. It is true for physical illnesses. And Hahnemann developed a science in medicine called Homeopathy totally based on this principle.
Sometimes I introspect on this problem as a student of behavioral science. Now, sometimes our own beliefs are poisonous or disease causing. Can this principle be applied to provide relief to the sufferer. The sufferings come to me for their treatment. And I compulsively prescribe medicine. Which may provide a relief. Many times it is like a relief of shifting the weight from one hand to another or from head onto shoulders. The true relief is distinctly visible when they follow up after months of treatment and I see a sea change in the belief. I searched them and found that these belief are not changed, they are applied more discreetly now , and see they got relieved of their own burden. This is happening more frequently in my observations as I grow in years of practice and number of patients. Those who have learnt to cut their burden of beliefs into appropriateness , do no longer need psychiatrist or counselor.What did they use to cut their beliefs into shape for health. They used the same belief for recovery from the problem. An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder originating by guilt uses guilt for some other area than sexual fantasy may be his weight. He used his obsessions for cleanliness to acquisition of cleanest knowledge.
A client of mine believes that he is a burden on his employer. He adores and respect his employer for the generosity and faith on him. But the day he developed the pressure of doing extraordinary in the eyes of his employer he has a panic attack and also performed like a simpleton. He was in depression when I saw him. He needs to alter his application of belief, same belief , to become more friendly towards works than towards his boss. Accountability of how good one should be in the eyes of the employer should change to how good I am for the present situation at work. The belief which is person oriented if shifted to process may make a hell of a difference.
When students and their parents complain of poor concentration or inability to remember, I simply ask them about his or her concentration on TH or mobile and their memory for songs, Ads or gadgets. The answer is they don’t have problem of concentration or memory but have a problem of applying them to something which is laborious. The belief of poor memory and concentration when altered to choices of likes and dislikes , brings in a huge behavioral change. Similarly a child who cannot stop watching TV even during meals can be challenged to bathe and sleep at the place of his most liked recreation. Which they firmly oppose and even feel offended. This evokes a response of understanding about partitioning the likes and needs. The belief that TV is good gets classified or split like Kohinoor , to become ineffective in its vices or venom.Jai Srikrishna

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