Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

Freedom from freedom is an ideal definition of comfort. This is what  Huxley said few decades ago. When  I see comfort I see remission of discomfort and diseases of persons following up  with me as patients. Now what are they binding themselves with when they show recovery. Because if you have interpreted Huxley, he simply means the real comfort of freedom comes when you permanently bind yourself to something that robs you of the cravings  to become free. Yes, that means we as doctors rob the desire to become free form something in them that was actually causing discomfort or diseases. But, what do we bind them with to make them free from freedom?
When lunatics were wondering on the streets they were caned and chained. They were refrained by cuffs and shackles  or tied to the trees. This refrainment or restrain brought some sanity as documented in 17th century . Later they were caged and covered all over by metallic guards. In 18th century they were put behind bars of gigantic asylums. The story of refrainment continued to stand all wisdoms beyond the earlier civilizations that abhorred   insanity or wilderness. It evolved more humane methods of refrainment and as the science of medicine evolved we refrained them by neuroleptic drugs. We now selectively bind them with psychotropic medicines. Then we saw a new era of normalization of lunatics. This was to bind them back to society. Sophistically called as reintegration. So by the end of mid 80s we were keen to shift them back to home and make them work. So we bind  them with love for relatives and workmanship. What is now called as expressed emotions and milieu therapy is nothing but refrainment from freedom to do any thing willingly as the will is not sane. This was argued for long by a one man army of Dr RD Liang in 80s. But he failed to evoke the innate wisdom of specialists and suffered the wrath of rejection. In fact his freedom got refrained and he might have enjoyed comfort of rejection.
We are talking of cognitive remediation and psychotherapies or simply counseling sessions for disabled or neurotics. But ultimately we bind them with specific thought processes or neurocognitive functions to refrain them from expressing faulty pathways and to experience discomfort of diseases. Well then it is just a science of refrainment that disallows human  mind and brain to express abnormal. So we bind them with normal. For normal human beings it is easily acceptable. But for normality by utopia we need to understand deeper. We need to find some binding agent that brings us to absolute normality. Since absolute normality is imaginary, as it is ideal, it need a source stronger than imagination and ideal. Now here Otto Rank and Existentialism  defines the source for binding for normalizing human mind that is ideal and stronger than logic, imagination or wisdom and is ideal for that moment in that  human and is called as  Faith.
The fear of death can be conquered by the belief of reincarnation. Immortality can be cultivated in mind of mortal humans by developing a belief of consciousness that exists beyond time and space. To rob the miseries of current world this belief requires exercise of  reverance.  The power of surrendering in humans is only possible through unconditional love. So I create a structure which is stronger than my imagination wisdom and I love it unconditionally. I call it GOD. He robs my desires to become free and makes me enjoy my physical limitations and bindings. He make me love my fellow men and family. My work and struggle to succeed is made comfortable by Him. He makes  me experience  sorrows and joys of life process because now I am firmly bound. I have experienced freedom from freedom. So I say He is the perfect  cheat ,an epitomized robber and  He steals away my desire for freedom.

Vraje vasantam navneet chauram

Chauragraganyam pranmami murgna.

Jai Srikrishna

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