Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

I have heard sophisticated people saying this in their speeches “ A child  is the father of mankind”. I don’t know who has said it originally and I doubt whether these speakers know about it? But, I did pondered on this thought and also on the perception and cognitive process of its originator.
Who is a child ? A miniature of human being or an omnipotent creature  about to bloom into a limited form called adult ? Or an immature form of human who on timeline of age express its potentials? Or a matrix of body mind which is currently is purest unconditioned complex and  is slowly growing vulnerable to conditions? Or simply a fully developed software with no data base? What makes this child a father and that too of  the universe called mankind?
Let us focus on the concept of “mankind”. For this we need to go through species related behavior. What are we as species in this universe? We are thinkers and doers, sins apart! We are not ferocious like big cats and neither our mankind is kinder like the Yak. We do not carry our young ones delicately like a cat in her teeth nor do we fully rely on our kid to hold us when we jump like monkeys. What are we in mankind? We are just inquisitive species using it beyond our physical sense of survival or gratification.
For a fully normal human mankind applies to his natural ability to go beyond his personal needs , love and procreation, family and dependence on progeny and even identity and even beyond self-actualization. Since this is an ideal situation where it needs an effort for most of us to express ourselves beyond physical needs and family, our inquisitive instincts are always active as second voice in our inner mind. This remains suppressed and continues to propel dreams and desires. Perhaps every time he drinks it liberates the true instincts and eases the mind for the time being. The mankind is regressing with age as it flourishes in its mastery over nature. Because nature of human being is mankind.
Since a child is fully natural is the highest efficiency model for mankind. From where all secrets which are lost are described as maturation of functions. When I observe children they reflect those traits that are different from their parents . When I analyse my observations in tandem with parents behavior I find them as units of each other. I present a black powder called Thiamine( Vitamine B1) in one bottle and a white powder of rice in another. I ask parents to tell similarity. They are confused as the powders are opposite in colors. When they discover that Thiamine is an extract of rice and is 95% of rice buds they are really surprised. Sometimes children teach parents what they were or are today. All behavioural pattern have subtle basic units and are perceived by unconditioned minds of children. They get imprinted in smallest units and may not at all look like their parents behavior. Parents who are learners of humanity and mankind are able to learn their unkown form frm their children.
Hence it is true that a child is a father of mankind.

Jai Srikrishna

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