He shall become a King  said the Prophet. And lo he did become one. Now, how did the prophet predict this 20 years ahead? What did he see in the new born ? Are there subtle signatures of fortunes that are read by experts? May be we are talking of diagnostic skills. Skills that made me a clinician. And later a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist. Yes we do predict the outcomes of disease and also their treatment plans. We follow the rules of relevance in temporal and spatial framework. Consolidated  by our experience and statistical evidence our eminence grows to confidently predict the future outcomes of each case. But, these are classified cases of illnesses. What the prophet predicated was a course of life. He could foresee  success, wealth and power , popularity and pride. This appears quite baffling or even as an untrue anecdote.
My logic says there are possibilities to refine our perceptions to read the subtle or micro world of signs and symptoms. We need to apply the rule of latent abilities and its micro manifestations through body and behavior. That is how this clinical field has evolved till today. Signs and symptoms were picked up to classify diseases and syndromes,  by our founders and fathers of many specialties. Perhaps they were selflessly motivated by  agony and miseries of sick, disabled or oppressed humans around them.
If we invert the tree of our perception from the prophets vision to clinician we shall see the plethora of signs and symptoms reflecting disabilities. The only assumption we need to make and believe is the Freudian Definition of Normalcy by Utopia. This Utopian principal says “ humans normalcy is never 100% and we are evolving towards normality of ideal form which never exists. “ That means every human mind is not normal but evolving towards normalcy. Now, there has to be  something that can reflect on how much has he evolved towards normality. Since every one is not completely able in ideal form, every one is thus disabled in some form. Hence we measure the disability. Well that’s what we do in our clinic to diagnose and manage disabilities.
We see disabilities from sensory –motor , perceptual , co-native( emotive) executive and cognitive zones of psyche. We can see and predict the disability when it is gross in its presentation. We can easily classify humans as blind, deaf, mute, lame  or further  as color blind, myopic, hyper acoustic, tactile hyposensitive.  And many other ways  of labeling intellectually disabled or learning disabled or handicapped. Why because they are under performers in the bracket of average humans. But, when we expand our bracket to the ideal form or utopian normality we must search for such disabilities in every human who is normal by average. This explodes  into a clinical science of seeing  liars, delinquents and aggressive as disabled in cognitive and conative zones. Those who are unable to control cravings and impulses, those who are unable to relate to their close ones and those who cannot self motivate towards duties are alias disabled.
Now when we see less of disability we predict a better outcome. The lesser is the dysfunction presented in body movements the better should be the cognitive –conative- affective functions and hence the least disabled becomes the King. The prophets prophecy remains true.

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