Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

Freedom from freedom is an ideal definition of comfort. This is what  Huxley said few decades ago. When  I see comfort I see remission of discomfort and diseases of persons following up  with me as patients. Now what are they binding themselves with when they show recovery. Because if you have interpreted Huxley, he simply means the real comfort of freedom comes when you permanently bind yourself to something that robs you of the cravings  to become free. Yes, that means we as doctors rob the desire to become free form something in them that was actually causing discomfort or diseases. But, what do we bind them with to make them free from freedom? When lunatics were wondering on the streets they were caned and chained. They were refrained by cuffs and shackles  or tied to the trees. This refrainment or restrain brought some sanity as documented in 17th century . Read More..