He shall become a King  said the Prophet. And lo he did become one. Now, how did the prophet predict this 20 years ahead? What did he see in the new born ? Are there subtle signatures of fortunes that are read by experts? May be we are talking of diagnostic skills. Skills that made me a clinician. And later a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist. Yes we do predict the outcomes of disease and also their treatment plans. We follow the rules of relevance in temporal and spatial framework. Consolidated  by our experience and statistical evidence our eminence grows to confidently predict the future outcomes of each case. But, these are classified cases of illnesses. What the prophet predicated was a course of life. He could foresee  success, wealth and power , popularity and pride. This appears quite baffling or even as an untrue anecdote. My logic says there are Read More..

ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय

When the lightening strikes again at the same point, it becomes a phenomenon. This happen in brain every day and hence  our human brain is phenomenal. The matrix of neurons , synapses, neuronal circuitry, perception, sensation and motor outcomes all provide  each brain a lightening or even a storm than churns and runs every millionth second to creates a phenomenon of wise human behavior. Human behavior  has been studied for ages. New dimensions and paradigms have evolved to study this naked ape to resolve only  one  query “ Why did he or she ever thought that he or she is naked?” As a clinician I am challenged by some simpler queries in diagnoses and management of difficult cases. Last 20 years of practice in child psychiatry and behavioral  sciences  has made me travel beyond the comfort zones of text book knowledge. And in last couple of years I am struggling to find Read More..